Every day, our customers and partners fight to ensure that the world does not run out of resources. With a sense of responsibility, courage and entrepreneurial spirit, they are working on the future of the circular economy. We are proud to be a friend and know-how partner to our customers in this mission, providing them with cutting-edge technologies that significantly advance them.
In our family business since 1889, we have one key driver: we think about tomorrow today. With solutions that help protect important resources and with strong technologies for the raw materials management of our customers in the primary and secondary raw materials processing industries.

We have always developed and supplied sophisticated magnetic and state-of-the-art sensor technology for sorting that promotes a careful approach to the environment. Technologies with which our customers generate added value in their business field, whether in waste and metal recycling or in the primary extraction of raw materials in the mining industry.
In our ANOFOLĀ® business unit, we anodize aluminum strip and manufacture high-precision coils for our STEINERT magnetic separators and other applications in electrical engineering.

With our subsidiaries in the USA, Australia, Latin America and Germany, as well as more than 50 sales cooperations, we are on the spot for our customers internationally. In this way, we use our knowledge and technologies to make work in waste and metals recycling and mining easier, more efficient and more sustainable worldwide.
We communicate openly, our management style is cooperative. We conduct controversial discussions with mutual respect and high regard for each other. With the opportunity to train at STEINERT, we offer young people an excellent start to their careers. Of course, we also support them in their studies, bachelor's, master's and doctoral theses. We see this as an ideal opportunity to combine science and practice. And at the same time, we also see this investment as a responsible task. In this way, we are passing on our passion for researching the best sorting solutions and safeguarding them for the future.